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Will you be able to enter the Queen Tortoise's castle and get out alive?

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: The idea is to go after the treasures that weight less and have more value, that way you will be able to still move freely and outrun the snakes. The treasures values and weight can be checked in the trophies room. THANKS.


You impersonate a greedy thief  frog who is trying to steal as much  treasures as he can from the castle. But since he is little, the more he takes, the harder it is to move around.

You will have to hide from the fierceful guards who will pursue you if they see or hear you wandering around. You will have to sneak around so the snakes don't find you and most of all... do not wake the Queen!

Will you manage to get all the trophies?


- Explore the castle to find all the trophies

- The more weight you carry, the slower you will go

- If you run, the guards will here you from further distance

- You can throw the carried trophies away to run faster, but the snakes will catch them and you will lose them forever

- Use your tongue to get the trophies you can't reach

- Once you have the score that you need, you will have to get out without being caught


Less is more - this game was entirely made for the Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 (https://itch.io/jam/blackthornprod-game-jam-3). The topic of the jam was "Less is More". For our team, this game is a perfect example of this topic since the more you carry, the harder it is to get out alive (with forcess you to grab less amount of treasures, but finding greater values). All the art, music and source was made from scratch for this jam.


Sergio Woodprint (IG: @sergio_woodprint) - Artist

David Chico (IG: @_davidchico) - Programmer and Artist

David Lledó (IG: @againdav) - Programmer

Alberto Raya (IG: @albertorayamusic) - Soundtrack composer and Sound effects

The font of the game is taken from https://www.cufonfonts.com/font/spooky-cat

THANKS! We hope you enjoy it!


FroggysQuest.zip 83 MB
FroggysQuest.dmg 89 MB


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A super fun little game, I love the design of the frog haha :D

Feel free to check out my own entry for the jam <3

Thanks! Sure I will